Video Surveillance

GSG Protective Services Video Surveillance systems offer a wide array of benefits and option to ensure the safety and security of your business, home or personal property. Video surveillance systems can include a wide variety of cameras and digital video recorders (DVRs) which allow you to customize your system to fit your specific needs and objectives. 

While many people perceive video surveillance to be a passive system which just records activities for review at a later time; the GSG Protective Services MSGV series provides active protection through a series of Monitor, Detect, Alert, Verify and Response. Below are the many benefits to the GSG Protective Services MSGV series:   


Monitor – GSG Protective Services video surveillance systems are used to monitor activity through the use of cameras in conjunction with a digital video recorder that records all activity. Monitoring may be done on a continuous basis, during preset time periods or when the camera is activated by a predetermined event such as movement or a door opening. 


Detect - As the BTS MSGV series video surveillance system monitors activity it can be programmed to detect various activities. Some of the most common activities that can be detected include:

  • Movement
  • The removal of an object
  • The addition of an object
  • The crossing of a predetermined point (such as a fence)
  • The opening of doors or windows
  • The setting off of a burglar alarm
  • The input of a transaction into a Point of Sale System


Alert - When certain activities are detected, and alert can then be transmitted to both the GSG Protective Services dispatch center and other authorized users of the systems. Alerts can be transmitted via text message, e-mail or can appear as an image on a video screen.


Verify - Once the alert is received authorized persons may access the system remotely and verify what activity is occurring, and if this activity is authorized or not. The system may be accessed by the GSG Protective Services Dispatch center, internet connection or PDA. 


Respond - Based upon the analysis GSG Protective Services or other authorized users may then take appropriate action including informing law enforcement or fire departments, giving verbal warnings via audio channels, calling maintenance, notifying owners, etc.

Business owners deserve a video surveillance system that will offer them peace of mind by alerting them to any incongruous action that takes place on their property.  Video surveillance can be customized by industry, and it can alert users in a large variety of ways.  Whether owners want to put a video surveillance system in their business to monitor their employees, to deter theft, or because of previous security issues, GSG Protective Services can create a surveillance system that will provide a solution to fit all of your needs, and GSG Protective Services will make sure any potential threats and criminal behaviors will be dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner. 

Video surveillance systems can offer security benefits to the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Property Management
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Transportation


Video surveillance systems can be customized to offer the following benefits:

  • POS integration
  • Inventory Control
  • Loss Prevention
  • Webcam
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Central Monitoring Station


GSG Protective Services: Monitor, Detect, Alert, Verify, Respond


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