Uniformed Officers

GSG Protective Services provides both unarmed and armed uniformed security officers who perform five primary services/purposes


Deters – the presence of a uniformed security officer provides a substantial deterrent to criminal or inappropriate activity at any location.  Observes and Reports – A uniformed security officer observes activity, reports any criminal or inappropriate activity to the proper authority and documents all information.


Safety – A uniformed security officer helps to enforce safety policies, points out safety hazards, checks to ensure proper safety equipment is accounted for and working, and takes appropriate action in the event of an emergency.


Protects persons and property – Within the limits of local and state law, uniformed security officers will take all reasonable and necessary steps to protect persons and property. This may include the apprehension of suspects and the use of appropriate force when necessary and legal.


Customized Services – GSG Protective Services will customize post orders for your location to include duties such as locking up certain doors at a set time, checking in visitors, checking in vehicles, searching vehicles as they enter or exit, or any other safety or security related issues.