Mobile Patrol

GSG Protective Services provides mobile patrol services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our service areas. Some of the duties that patrol may perform are:

  • Deter criminal activity
  • Check up on late night employees to ensure their safety
  • Lock and unlock assigned gates, door, etc. at designated times
  • Check on exterior doors, windows, entrances, etc.
  • Walk the premises of the property in conjunction with their patrol duties
  • Identify unauthorized vehicles in parking lots and have ticket them or have them removed
  • Check for safety hazards on the property
  • Verify the working order of automatic gates, etc.
  • Check for vagrants and trespassers and remove them from the property
  • Any other security or safety duties as determined by the client


Our Drivers – All patrol vehicles are operated by an armed security officer with the rank of Sergeant or above. In order to be promoted to Sergeant, our officers must be CPR/Firs Aid certified, have at least two years' experience, and have chemical weapons, baton and firearms training/permits. In addition they must have their DMV report evaluated, pass at DOT exam, pass a report writing test and pass a level II background check. GSG Protective Services has some of the best trained and paid patrol officers in the industry.


Our Vehicles – GSG Protective Services uses a variety of patrol vehicles including cars, sports utility vehicles and four wheel drive sports utility vehicles depending on the location they are operating in. All vehicles are equipped with needed equipment such as fire extinguisher, first aid kits, jumper cables, communications equipment, spotlights and other safety and security related supplies/equipment.


Service and Options – GSG Protective Services provides layered protection with the use of a 24 hour dispatch center, multiple patrol units and watch commanders. The services provided to each client will be customized in accordance with their needs.


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