Estate Security

GSG Protective Services can provide comprehensive Estate Security including perimeter security, interior security and screening of staff and vendors.


Perimeter Security – GSG Protective Services will conduct a comprehensive site survey and threat assessment, make recommendations and implement approved recommendations to perimeter security. GSG Protective Services is careful to take into account your lifestyle and ensure that security and safety recommendations are non-intrusive to the point possible.


Interior Security – as part of the comprehensive site survey conducted GSG Protective Services will evaluate the internal security and safety of the premises as well. This not only includes physical security but also policies regarding background checks on staff and vendors, procedures for people entering the property, properly using access control to track when people are in and out, etc.


Personnel – GSG Protective Services only uses current and prior law enforcement and military personnel for estate security. All employees receive additional venting by Pro Guard due to the nature of estate security. Clients may also meet and interview all officers prior to assignment if desired.


GSG Protective Services can provide comprehensive estate security service for any size or type of estate through the use of the most advanced technology and highly trained personnel.