GSG Protective Services is a full service provider of premium security services. In order to provide our customers with excellent service GSG Protective Services is divided into six divisions which include Personal Protection, Uniformed Officers, Event Services, Risk Management & Security Consulting, Training and Video Surveillance Systems & Monitoring.


Personal Protective Services are used in a broad variety of environments and include working with senior corporate executives, domestic and foreign dignitaries, entertainment industry notables, high-net worth individuals, heads of state and other individuals as needed. 


Uniformed Officers provide asset protection across a broad array of business sectors and work environments. GSG Protective Services uniformed officers are trained and focused on the benefits of working as partners in meeting the needs of the company's clients. Examples of industries served include corporate campuses, financial institutions, gated communities, health care facilities, hotels, residential complexes, restaurants, shopping centers, strip malls and studio lots.


Event Services provides a combination of Personal Protection and Uniformed Officers for a broad variety of special events including general events, tours, TV Production and Live Audience Shows, private parties, concerts, weddings, sporting events and any other event where security is needed.


Risk Management/Security Consulting can evaluate, research and provide recommendations for any issues related to risk management and security. This can range from developing an employee safety plan to providing a detailed threat assessment for a facility.


Video Surveillance Systems & Monitoring services can design, install, service and monitor video surveillance systems based upon each client's unique needs. These services can be used in conjunction with other services and can include covert surveillance and temporary systems when needed.


Training Services provides entry level and advanced training to staff, client staff and outside students. GSG Protective Services training department has two primary missions which are (1) provide training for internal staff to ensure all staff members are qualified to provide excellent and safe service and (2) provide training support for our clients as requested in security and risk management related topics.